Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Lush Haul

This is probably one of my favourite hauls as i can spend hours on end if i didn't have a headache that day in a lush shop. Its just so sweet smelling and overwhelming.

From left to right

Dragons egg: Ok i found this one in the deep depths of my bathroom draw, its a little bit mangled, but oh my  days the smell is beautiful although the appearance has seem better days. Oops

Honey bee: How did i ever live without this, i never saw this one until the westfields store and im so inlove i brought 3, its such a different scent from lush. 

Yuzu and cocoa: These orange balls arent much to look at but sure do they smell delightful, and i like how they come in two halves, interesting feature there lush

Granny takes a dip: I brought this partly for the name partly for the colours as im so interested in what colour the bath will turn, the smell is quite light but still yummy

Karma bubble bar: I wasnt sure how i'd like a orange bath, although it looked like dirty fake tan water this made so many lovely smelling bubbles, normally bubbles go but i still got out the bath with a pile of bubbles left behind!

Dream time: Bath melts are always super relaxing but i use these little wonders for late nights where i really cant sleep and im stressed out, i nearly fall asleep in the bath with this

You've been mangoed: I do love a melt but not as much as mango's and their smell, killing two birds with one stone on this beauty

Twilight bath bomb: This is my favourite, i buy these in bulks, i love everything about them, this was the first bath bomb i tried and ive been hooked ever since, its just perfection in a ball

The comforter: This is one of those love it hate it, at first i was like maybe, but the smell just grows on you if you like black current things, which i do. The smell is so strong and lovely, on the train home all i smelt was this and well it was much better than normal transport smells, im just a walking black winegum these days.

I think in future when i do massive hauls, i'll just film it, so you can give your eyes a rest and see my eye rolling reactions to the glorious scents

What are your favourite lush items?
Lemme know, Summa x

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Naked 3 palette review

Today i'll be reviewing the urban decay naked 3 palette.
What inspired me to do this today is Lily Pebbles twitpic of the naked basic palette and a naked basic 2 palette! (super excited)

I've had this palette for a while and it was one of my first high end give in's. Let me just say even though you've probably heard it from every review, wow.

Not only is the over all appearance beautiful and by far the prettiest palette i own, by the way love the colour urban decay.

The shades are so so perfect during the spring/summer, with a couple of dark shades for those chilly days. So i've been reaching for this almost daily.
Obviously this is urban decay we're talking about so the pigment is outstanding.

I'm not a glitter sort of girl so when this arrived, i was umming and erring, but oh my days how they have transformed me.

I'll be heart broken when it gets to winter and i cant reach for this palette as often, even though i think i will still have those slip ups with a couple of colours.

Any other palettes worth obsessing over?
Lemme know, Summa x