Monday, 29 September 2014

September Favourites

So september has been the longest month ever!
Don't you agree?

So this month i'll show you what i've been loving, which is mostly faced based.

These little beauties have made my September just that mile better.

St Tropez self tan express: So I'm not one to sleep in fake tan as my bed sheets are white and no one needs orange sheets in their life. This is perfect you pop it on wait a couple hours maybe watch a movie and shower and boom, by the night you are perfectly bronzed.

Yankee spiced orange candle: Oh guys i found my perfect Autumn scent! Although clean cotton is lovely and light for Summer. This scent is so strong it fills half my house with this pleasant scent

Body shop seaweed clay mask: Sometimes you just need to put a face mask on to feel like you're doing good to yourself and your face, and this although not the best smell if you hate the sea it honestly strips your skin of oil and you feel like a new cleansed woman.

YSL fusion ink foundation: I love this although its not the highest coverage, it still makes your skin look and feel amazing, and the packaging is so pretty, sometimes i just stare at its beauty

Rimmel wake me up foundation: Ok so i recently rediscovered this and thought hey if I've fake tanned i may aswell have radiant tanned skin and this little beauty works a charm. Mix it with a high coverage foundation and boom flawless glowing skin. Yes please

Urban Decay naked flushed: Ok this was in my mini haul, and i wasn't sure if i'd love as much as i do, but my favourite part is a high lighter, omg, its a gem. High lighters never usually go down well with me until this beauty walked into my life. Overall, this is great for travel as i took it Amsterdam and we really just went hand in hand.

Pumpkin spiced latte: Ok sadly i didn't have one on me at the time to take the picture, but this beverage this beverage was sent from the coffee god above, it is amazing, I've always been put off the idea of pumpkins, spice and coffee, but its amazing, I'm ashamed of myself that i ever doubted Starbucks.

Thats all for September favourites, i know its not much, but I'm fussy ok.

Any products worth trying out?
Lemme know, Summa x

Wednesday, 24 September 2014


Hey guys, so some of you may know i went Amsterdam for my birthday.
And i thought i'd have a little chit chat about it incase any of you are interested in going or just like travel blog posts.

Amsterdam was so beautiful, more beautiful than i expected, and for us UKers, a super quick and easy flight, this being my first holiday without my parents, i'm impressed i didn't end up in a different country.
Although i may of booked a hotel outside of Amsterdam, but nothing a train journey couldn't fix, infact a DOUBLE DECKER train! 

It's a rather romantic place to be although i did avoid being out late at night.
Something i do regret is not visiting Anne Franks out but with our hotel being outside of Amsterdam and the wait averaging 2 hours at most times.
But nothing a quick trip to madame tussauds cant fix as they had her wax work,
where i saw the most shocking Justin Bieber wax work which i was taller than!

Another great thing in Amsterdam is the Amsterdam dungeons, at first i was like behave you wont scare me, but i screamed, quite a lot (embaz)
Getting around Amsterdam was different, as you could actually travel by a canal and trams which was all a new experience!

Theres so much to do in Amsterdam, but if you are like me and you're a rusher, you will get it all done in two days.
For all you coffee lovers, the starbucks out there do the yummiest cakes and java chip frappes!

And theres a hard rock cafe, took a while to find it until we gave up and got a bike taxi which was a fast way to get there and nice to explore Amsterdam without your feet aching

Worth it though!

Wasnt sure about doing this post
but hope you enjoyed it
Lemme know, Summa x

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Skin care routine

Ok, so i know i haven't posted in a couple of weeks (oops)
But with my brithday, Amsterdam and getting into the college routine again it's been rather hard.
Maybe a Amsterdam blog post coming, we'll see.

I'm going to be talking about my skin care routine.
I didn't actually have one until about 6 months ago and wow has it helped a lot.
I used to do the basic facewipe and then try a couple of products out but never stick to it until i sat myself down and googled.

I have oily skin, so when i came across clinique, i was like oh result 3 in 1, clinique is also good because it comes in a range so its suitable for all skin types, mine being 3.

I saw a massive improvement and my skin controlled its breakouts, but my skin was still blemished, i got through the set and then i came across the anti blemish 3 step, i used it for two weeks and it wasn't reducing the spots as quick as the type 3 3 step. So i went back to the type 3 3 step and carried on like normal.

I'm about half way through my skin type 3 3 steps, and then i thought i'm not going to let anti blemish go to waste, so i mixed it up, and started using type 3 routine in the morning and then at night the anti blemish.

I found that this works wonders for me so i do this daily, and my skin is better and my blemishes are slowly going, i try to use the body shop seaweed facemask twice a week as it really gets the oil out your skin and for heavy makeup days i use the body shop camomile cleansing balm which melts away your makeup and then i do my 3 step routine.

Its quick cheap and effective.

Any skincare products i should try?

Lemme know, Summa x

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Wish List

Ok, so its my birthday in a couple of days and i think sitting and writing it down will help, because not only have i still not decided what i want for my birthday, i may just forward this link to my mum as a few hints of what she needs to get.

Mac studio fix foundation: little story actually i was rushing through mac and instead of studio fix i brought prolong. Lesson is don't rush mac.

Jo Malone wood sage and sea salt: don't get me wrong, you cant imagine it smelling all that delightful, but trust me when i say, its all i've been thinking about this week.

Urban Decay Basics 2: I saw this on sephora and basically cried because i mentioned it in my blog post and had to resist the temptation and just wait for it to come to the UK

MALM dressing table: I'm going to add this in even though i know my dad has one for me but its just the case of him bringing it round, one month and still waiting therefore i do wish for this now

Mac lip pencil whirl: This has been sold out forever and it makes me so sad

YSL Fusion Ink foundation: a girl can never have too many foundations and this one is meant to be good for oily skin. SOLD

Any more products worthy of being put on this list?

Lemme know, Summa x

Friday, 5 September 2014

Mini haul/ mini review

Ok, so my body may have stumbled myself into town and then into a bodyshop and debenhams
and then fell upon a till.
Therefore i put myself in my jungle book pjs and decided to write a blog post.

First things first (if you didnt sing that and add 'i'm da realest' im ashamed)

Urban Decay Naked flushed native: This shiz is amazing, i tried my friends when i lost my makeup bag, and omg this is so fabulous and travel loving. I got native because the other bronzers and blushers was too intense for my ivory skin and with my lack of will power to fake tan, But damn, i'll be doing a whole review on this badboy LOVE.

Urban Decay Perversion + Subversion primer: I've wanted this saucy little thing since it came out and was spoken highly of by bloggers, this reminds me of the double ended mascaras that had the smallest amount of product in ever (remember those?) anywho this has got me so excited, and i see a blog post in its future too.

Urban Decay oil control setting spray: Girl i don't have to say a lot, best setting spray ever and oil control winning!

 benefit Rockateur: This is great, its a light shimmery highlight blusher and looks so pretty, kind of wished i gave into this at the beginning of summer because it would of been a good summer with this little star in my makeup bag.

Body shop instablur: I want to be a primer girl so bad but i always forget about them and this tube looked promising and 5 in 1, sure i'll give it a whack, i don't feel like me and primers get on i never see a difference and apparently clogs your pores (BAD PRIMER BAD) but i'll let you know on this one.

Body shop BB cream: Like primer i wanna be a BB cream girl, but currently my skin is far too oily and going through a breakout from whatever knows what, therefore i need coverage, but as i'm going back to college and like a lay-in, I'm hoping that me and this BB cream become bestfriends.

A little bonus to this was Debenhams had a deal on if you spent over £50 you'd get £10 worth of points and also if you brought perversion you get a free mini makeover (just in time for my birthday)

Any products you think i should try out?
Lemme know, Summa x

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Autumn Tag 2014

My favourite time of the year is here, so why not do a tag on this wonderful season?
I love autumn because its so cosy
We can wear jumpers, light candles, read books and drink lots of hot bevs.

1. Ok we're talking coffee's - what's your favourite seasonal drink from Starbucks/Costa/Cafe Nero etc?  
Well being a massive coffee addict, and a overall starbucks fan who even has a gold card (embaz) as much as i love a mocha cookie crumble frappe, im looking forward to early mornings with a toffee nut latte and a muffin.

2. Accessories - what do you opt for, scarf, boots, gloves?
Im a boot girl in autumn, i've decided to put my converse aside and go out on all boots, although i've avoided heels boots for so long because who wants to be taller when you're already tall, i'll probs give in to a beautiful pair i've had my eye on in topshop.

3. Music - what's your favourite music to listen to during Autumn?
I have the same music taste all year, but its never too early to put in the christmas songs!
4. Perfume - what's your favourite scent for this time of year?
I'm sad to see daisy go along with the summer, but I'm loving chanel mademoiselle recently so i may just use that all up.

5. Candles - what scents will you be burning this season?
Honestly i've burnt candles all year because they are a delight, i currently have Yankee clean cotton, but i'm thinking that i'll go for salted caramel (fave) and maybe cherry? 

6. What do you love most about Autumn?
I love Autumn, but although i may of been a bit of a potato this summer, i can't wait for it to be acceptable to wrap yourself in a blanket all day, read books and watch a lot of good TV because Autumn is always the best for series, although misfits and skins is no more, i need to find myself a new one. Also hot chocolates all day everyday! Yum.

7. Favourite makeup look?
Smokey eyes, with light browns, i think i may see a dark mustard in my autumn future? with a cateye flick, tone down the bronze and replace with a light blush and a dark purple/red lip.
8. What are you looking forward to most in Autumn?
Halloween of course
and ok may sound a little sad, but Sims 4 is out tomorrow and i'd be lying if i didn't count down the days, i'd also be lying if Sims 3 wasnt currently loading on my other computer. Im weak

Everyone who loves autumn or even has a blog should do this tag, i'd love to read them being a Autumn lover like myself.

Thankyou Georgina for creating this wonderful tag

What are your favourite things about Autumn?
Lemme know, Summa x