Saturday, 25 October 2014

Work Motivation

Ok, so i don't know if its only me who has been given loads of coursework to do over this half term.
Such as a personal statement for uni (scary)

Anyway, like most people (i hope) i lack motivation in almost anything educational or involves moving away from the fun side of the internet.

I tried to make my desk a little more work friendly in hope that it'll make me work.

Ok so more than 95% of the time i'll have a drink with me, and i picked up a couple funky little sippy cup type of thing from Urban Outfitters saying 'Drinking with my bitches' and 'Its just water i swear' and in-between food shops only had water in.

Then i have my little notebook where i just put down all my ideas for blog posts etc.

Then i thought energy would be needed so i made myself a cinnamon latte which was amazing.

Of course how can you do work without a beautiful candle lit, mine Autumn candle is Yankee 'Spiced Orange' i didn't think i would like this, but I'm in love.

Then i have little bits for pick me ups, such as my all time favourite hand gel from Soap & Glory Hand Maid, some tic tacs which i realised i really enjoy seeing as that box is nearly all gone and some Balmi strawberry lip balm which i just love and may of just paused and applied this right now.

My current sketch book and a beautiful double sided check list which isn't half complete and it makes me want to cry.

Then i always like a good old playlist and i thought this one may of been good which is 'Young, Wild & Free' but it had Spice Girls on and well how does one listen to Spice Girls and not dance around and snapchat, so i changed it for maybe a new favourite playlist 'Acoustic Afternoon' its so relaxing and defiantly puts me in a relaxed working mood.

Well these are just some little bits to put on your desk to try and make you get your work finished.

Any other tips i should try?
Lemme know, Summa x

Saturday, 18 October 2014

St Tropez Express Tan review

So today is a little review for you guys.
Something that is every pale girls best friend.

The St Tropez Self Tan Express.

Basically, the consistency of this is exactly, if not similar to the St Tropez Bronzing Mousse but without you having that uncomfortable sticky sleep with your once white now orange sheets.
Orange sheets being one of the reasons i jumped on the express tan wagon.

This is every persons dream if you only want a light tan as you only have to sit around with it for a hour, but if you want a dark tan it'll take three hours, which isn't too bad because you can make some snacks and watch a film and then just go to wash it off. I apply this with just a mitt and it goes on great but don't forget to moisturise your knees, ankles and elbows before.

The outcome of this tan is amazing, it leaves you all bronzed and glowing, and just looks like you have been to a really hot country when in reality you sat in your room.

There are a couple of downsides to this as its not all wash it off and you're ready to go, although it leaves a light tan as soon as you wash off the base, it takes 8 hours to fully develop. So its not a throw it on and go, so i best advice you do this in the morning.

The formula of this is quite sticky but then again which tan isn't?
I'm just happy that i don't have to stick to my bedsheets.
It leaves you a nice tan but for the best results i would reapply every week just to make sure you maintain the beauty of the tan.

With fake tan i don't put it on my face as i don't see the point in clogging your pores especially as i have breakout prone skin when you can just find the same colour foundation. 

Overall i love this as i find it easier than sleeping in it and gives the same if not better results because i find that sleeping in tan can leave it quite patchy. St Tropez is quite a high end brand for tanning but it does give amazing results and usually on deals in various places. But yeah check it out if you love tanning.

Any more tanners i should try out?
Lemme know, Summa x

Tuesday, 14 October 2014


So i've decided to do my first face of the day.
I'm wearing this for a evening out.

This is pretty much my everyday makeup just with a bolder eye and using the Urban Decay Naked basics.

First i primed with Benefit porfessional. for foundation i used Revlon colour stay in 150 buff normal/dry, and i applied it using a flat top kabuki brush. Bronzing my cheeks with Soap and Glory solar powder and contouring with Benefit Hoola, blusher is Benefit Rockateur and a highlighted with Body Shop brush on radiance then all set with Rimmel Stay Matte power.

For eyes, i primed with MAC painterly paint pot, and used Urban Decay basics with naked 2 all over my lid, faint in the crease and venus mixed with foxy to highlight inner corners and brows, i just lined my top lids with Soap and Glory supercat eyeliner and used two thin coats of Benefit They're real. I filled in my brows with MUA brow palette which is a really affordable good brow set for brunettes.

Finally i just lined my lips with Mac subculture and then put Soap and Glory gloss stick in nudiest.

Products used:

My top is from River Island in case anyone wanted to know.

Hope you liked this post
Lemme know, Summa x

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Everyday makeup

Today is going to be my everyday makeup products, with Autumn in mind.
Sometimes the products may swap around but this is usually the case.

So i'm currently really into two foundations, as i have tan on mostly, my favourite is YSL fusion ink foundation in b10 which i mentioned in my wish list, seriously, never has a foundation felt so good on your face and i add some Rimmel wake me up in 200 soft beige for some glow and i like the look that these two create.

A concealer that I've rediscovered which knocks the socks off mac pro long is Estee Lauder double wear concealer in 07 light warm, it works brilliantly on covering dark circles and blemishes and just feels so creamy especially when applying with damp beauty blender. A problem i have with concealer is my bottom lash mascara smudges but with this concealer thats no problem!

After that i set my concealer in place with mac studio fix in NW20, contouring with benefit hoola which has been my favourite since spring, if you have any suggestions for dupe or a similar bronzer pop them in the comments, i'd love to try it out. After that i sweep rockateur over my cheeks which is a really nice subtle glowy blush, then i just highlight the tops of my cheeks with body shop brush on radiance.

I've just got my brows done and tinted, as my eyebrows are quite thick with no gaps at the moment i don't have any product in them, if i do it'll the clear gel from rimmel just to set them in place, but usually i'll be using soap and glory archery in brownie points.

I recently got really into kiko, and there shadow sticks are amazing so creamy and long lasting and really easy to blend and a quick and effortless way to make your eyes pop. I love 05 at the moment which is red toned brown which i love for Autumn.

I usually just line the tops of my lids with soap and glory super cat liner and for when i have more time i'll do a flick, because this is the look i wear to college so i don't want to have to get up any earlier than i already have to just to perfect my liner. Im lazy ok

A mascara, i have really short inconvenient lashes and i think its always worth splashing out on mascara to make mine look nicer, so benefit their real is the one for me, but in-between rebuying, maybelline falsies is my favourite drug store mascara.

Onto the lips, this has been my go-to combo since the summer, as much as i love bold lips, i'm not sure if i can pull it off, so nudes are the one for me, i line my lips with mac subculture and all over the lip, then my soap and glory mother pucker in nudiest, which is a beautiful nude gloss which smells good also.

Well thats it for my everyday makeup.
It usually takes me around half an hour to complete this look so its a good fairly quick look for everyday.

Whats your everyday makeup? Anything i should try?
Lemme know, Summa x

Saturday, 4 October 2014

Pamper routine

We all get those days where you just need a pick me up pamper session.
Yesterday was that day.

Whenever i follow this routine, i feel so good about myself and i just feel completely human.

 A pamper day must is a lush bath product, twilight bath bomb is my personal favourite. While i was enjoying that i decided to exfoliate with soap and glory sugar crush body scrub, seriously smells so good and prep my skin for tanning later.

I used the Lee stafford for hair that never grows past a certain length and made sure my hair was completely covered, which is part of my daily hair routine anyway.
When i got out although i was already sweet smelling i used soap and glory deep moisture body milk to make my skin super soft.

I dried my hair and then followed up with ultimate blends oil just because smooth hair is happy hair, and well i struggle teaching that lesson to my hair.

St. Tropez is like the ultimate tan and i've discovered the express which is good, even better if you like white bed sheets like myself. For a dark tan you leave it on for 3 hours, so i lit some candles, read a book and watched a mean girls (It was october 3rd). Showering it off again in the evening.

Finally to top off a perfect pamper day a face mask, my favourite at the moment and especially for colder months is the soap and glory no clogs allowed, its self heating and great if you are chilly.

What are your pampering must haves?
Lemme know, Summa x