Saturday, 31 January 2015

January Favourites

January was quite a disappointing favourite month for me as i thought id be having to get makeup to battle for a space, but i had a lot of problems with my skin, breakouts, dry patches and my eyes are driving me insane, swollen, dry, watery, itchy, flakey, you name it my eyes had it.
If any of you have any suggestions please tell me, i beg.

Into the favourites then shall we?

Naked On The Run: I wrote a whole post on this beauty here so wont go on too much. Not only is it handy to travel with the eyeshadow shades are to die for.

Mac Velvet Teddy: A shade that has been making a appearance in a lot of bloggers world, its a beautiful matte dark nude, think Kylie Jenner.

Mac Studio Fix Fluid NW15: Although the shade is totally off for me when not tanned, i love it, i would say its a medium coverage but buildable. I defiantly going to get one in pale shade, but i love mixing this with Rimmel Wake me up

Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Pink Quarts: This highlight is insane, i brought it as a few youtubers raved about it and i can see why, its the most pretty intense but not too intense highlight (get me?) and yaaaas.

Anastasia Brow Wiz: Brow Wiz gives me life, like guys, I've never had so many compliments on my brows and its surprisingly quick to do, like i don't even want to try any more brow products now i have this in my life.

Burts Bees Ultra- Conditioning Lip Balm: Its cold, like heck its even snowing, my lips need so TLC, from the cold wind outside to the heating inside, i have this on my lips 24/7.

Why Men Love Bitches: A bit of a different favourite but i couldn't fail to mention it, i haven't been able to put this book down, not only is Sherry Argov hilarious, the things she says are completely true and i've defiantly picked up a couple or hundred tips.

I feel like my favourites was really small, but i didn't want to put in a product i don't 100% love.

Whats been your favourites?
Lemme know, Summa x

Saturday, 24 January 2015

Spring Inspiration

I am without a doubt the last person to get a pintrest and i'd be lying if i wasn't slightly addicted.
I don't know about you's, but its snowing where i live and i just can't get Spring and warmer weather off my mind.
So i've been looking for some makeup inspiration for Spring.

You will probably notice a pattern in the pictures above that its very about the minimal makeup or winged eyeliner and orange toned lips.

I'm head over heels with pairing cat eyes with a bold lip and yes it looks lovely in the winter with a dark lip, but the orange lips are defiantly something i look forward too and i love a orange on darker skin tones, i think it just looks beautiful.

But who would i be without a classic nude lip? so naturally i had to throw a few in.

I hope this helped you get just a bit more excited for Spring because now i can't wait!

Whats your inspiration?
Lemme know, Summa x

Saturday, 17 January 2015

Naked On The Run Review

So heres a little review for you guys, i don't think I've actually seen a review of this.
So why don't i give it a whack?

Naked on the run was basically designed to be your all in one, pop in your handbag really easy compact, and yes it is all those things but it is a bulky packaging, but what do you expect you've got you've got your whole face, all you need is a foundation.

It comes with:
Perversion Mascara (mini)
24/7 Glide On Pencil in Stag (mini)
Naked Lipgloss in Sesso full (size)
6 Eyeshadow shades
(Dive, Fix, Resist, Dare, Stun and a large 50/50)

I am loving the eyeshadow shades, they are really neutral and you can create a day time to really gorgeous evening. My favourite is Dive, its a dark shimmery pink, usually the colours i run away from, but i love putting this in the outer v for a little pop of colour and shimmer.
Fix is a great transition colour and great at just popping that in your crease and calling it a natural eye day look.

I've also discovered a love for the glide on pencils, I've been debating whether to invest and now I'm sold, there so creamy and blendable and have unreal staying power.

You guys know that me and Perversion get on like a house on fire, its my favourite mascara, i haven't opened the mini though, so i can't tell you if the mini is as good as the full size, but I'm sure its still amazing.

The lipgloss is a really pretty pinky nude and gives a light tint to the lips and i love the packaging, its so chic and pretty, and i love how you can see the colour at the end of the tub.

What puts this palette down is the face products, i find that the bronzer is far too warm for my light skin and has to be applied really lightly for a natural bronzed glow and the blush is a very barbie doll pink and i don't really reach for those.

(Diva, Fix, Resist, Dare, Stun, 50/50)

The shadows have really good colour pay off and a great selection if your a neutral girl like me.
I say if you can get your hands on this palette you should, its handy for when your staying round a friends and also on the go because the mirror is huge! It also looks really cute like the packaging is adorable! Don't you think, aww.

I hope you found this little review handy and helped you if you've been considering this palette.

What palettes do you love?
Lemme know, Summa x

Saturday, 10 January 2015

Holy Grail Lashes

Okay this is a big deal for me, my lashes are so short and if that wasn't worse enough i don't have a lot of them, so i'm always willing to spend anything that gives me lashes.

Urban Decay Perversion Mascara is already my favourite mascara, but it is very volumizing and not so much lengthening.
But i was looking around in my sample draw from old beauty boxes and i picked up Magnifibres Brush-On False Lashes, I've been putting this off for ages worried it'll mess up my lashes.
Its like a product I've never used, i was expecting a primer of some sort, but it is quite literally fibers.

As you can tell, from the pictures below, it makes a lot of difference.
Excuse the lack of face makeup.

Basically all you do is put a layer of your favourite mascara, it also works wonders with Rimmel Lash Accelerator. Then apply Magnifibres straight away, wait a minute then apply another layer of mascara.

It was love at first slight with this product. Never do i need to fuss around with lashes because my eyes are super sensitive and whenever i apply lashes my eyes just go crazy watery and i usually look like I'm crying the whole night. Not cute.

You can get Magnifibres from here.
I would defiantly have a look into this product.
Don't think you can go wrong really and why didn't i use this sooner?!

Whats your holy grail mascara?
Lemme know, Summa x

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Beauty Must Haves of 2014

Happy late New Year guys! 
Most likely I'm the last to say that, as although the year has only just began, i feel like Christmas was months ago! Anyone else?

2014 was defiantly the year i got into makeup, like what the hell was my hobby before makeup?!
I put together so of my 2014 Favourites/ Must haves.
My face wouldn't of been the same without them.

 I was so late on this brow train, then discovering Beauty Bay and God answering all my brow questions. This product is a must have, although i discovered it late in the year, i haven't put it down. Its great for when you want a full on brow but if you want just a natural fuller brow, its perfect for that.

I only really got into highlighter like mid 2014, it never really tickled my fancy, but now I'm like a go hard or go home highlighter type of girl, i do love a intense highlight. This is such a pretty highlight, its noticeable but it isn't like damn girl and you can really play with it.

I know probably everyone in the beauty world has heard and own this product, its such a high coverage concealer for blemishes and the under eyes. I love my mac prolong wear, but for this tiny price tag, its fool proof. Only thing is that i wouldn't say its dry skin friendly.

Behold another cult classic. A medium coverage which builds to a flawless high coverage, perfect for my blemished skin. Lasts all day, a very trustworthy foundation. Only think i would recommend is to buy the foundation pump as you can control how much you want and its easier.

This is my favourite night time mascara, it gives my lashes so much volume. Usually i hate big brushes, but after a couple of times, you get used to it and within a couple of coats i have the lashes i want.

This was a lipstick created by Jaclyn Hill, who is one of my all time favourite youtubers of life. This is such a pretty shade and its one that you can pop over the top of any liner and you'll get a different effect each time, its a lipstick you can pair with any look and it'll be such a pretty shade for the summer.

This bronzer gives me life, it just bronzers up the face so well, because I'm so fair, pretty much every bronzer looks too dark, but this one just gives me a beautiful natural bronzed look.

This is the ultimate eyeliner pen, when i first got this for some reason i really disliked it and then i picked it back up and haven't put it down since, if anyone lacks skills in the liner department like myself this is the easiest liner, it'll be your best friend and slowly but surely its giving me the confidence to pick up the gel and try again. 

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge: This is my all time favourite way to do my concealer under my eyes and then use this damp. It picks up any unnecessary concealer and gives a really flawless finish.

Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick
Gerard Cosmetics Butter Lipstick

So if you have the chance to try any of these this year, i would 100% recommend it, i don't think you'll regret it.

Whats have been your favourites this year?
Lemme know, Summa x